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Mudfield-Sigappu Solam–Sorghum Red-1Kg

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Red sorghum is a cereal crop that is widely cultivated all through the world. Its whole grain flour is broadly used in baked goods, and its syrup is a famous sugar substitute. Finally, it can be used as an organic fuel. Red Sorghum is a high-nutrient grain crop. A great source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, along with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and it’s a great source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, along with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese. It has been reported that one ounce serving is packed with eight-one calories offering you a punch of calorie rich diet that too with several other beneficial minerals and vitamins. Red Jowar or sorghum grain which is cholam in Tamil is a variety of millet that has a great taste and numerous health benefits. This grain grows well only in dry parts of the world. Intake this healthy millet by choosing organic. Red grain sorghum suited to rainfed tract of Salem Namakkal districts in Tamilnadu. 


  1. Protein rich and gluten-free diet
  2. Richest source of vitamin b6, riboflavin, thiamine along with other minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese.
  3. Controls cholesterol level thereby supporting good cholesterol levels.
  4. Helps to strengthen the body and keeps healthy
  5. Rich in fibre content that eliminates the constipation.
  6. Controls blood sugar great choice for diabetes.
  7. Has high protein which gives energy and helps in cell regeneration.
  8. Good For bone health (as magnesium in jowar increases the calcium absorption).
  • Various studies have shown that a fibre free diet can lead to digestive disorders like diverticulitis and constipation. Consuming sufficient quantity of foods rich in dietary fibre can enable the process of digestion more smooth and thoroughly and can travel through the digestive tract more consistently. Hence, it is a great source of diet that is beneficial for bowel movement and it should be added in regular diet.
  • It is recommended that the regular diet should contain 43% of protein. Protein is required to build each segment of your body, which includes different organs, skin, and muscles. Sorghum is equipped with great punch of protein content hence it can be a part of regular meal to stay healthy and fit.
  • The best sowing time is in the last week of June to the first week of July depending upon the onset of monsoon
  • Organics Red Sorghum is also called as Sivappu Cholam is a grain that is cheap and easy to grow. It is drought-resistant. It grows in dry climate. It is taken as porridge or boiled like rice as a base and taken with other dishes.
  • Hence daily intake of this cholam helps lower the risk of heart disease and obesity.
    Jowar has rich protein content. Hence regular intake of this grain provides energy and keeps us active
  • Essential mineral content in jowar helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Which in turn helps in the development of red blood cells.


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